Watch Deccan Chargers vs Kolkata Knight Riders IPL 2010 Live Streaming and Highlights

Watch Deccan Chargers vs Kolkata Knight Riders IPL 2010 Live Streaming and Highlights

Watch Deccan Chargers vs Kolkata Knight Riders IPL 2010 Live Streaming and Highlights


Aden Greens Phase-1

Aden Greens Phase-1


Aden Greens (Phase-1) is a classic extension of its parent project Aden Greens, and bundled with the same great luxuries of life that await you at just few kilometers away from Dream World Resort, Gulshan-e-Maymar. Aden Greens launch is an all time success and the trust our esteemed client reposed in Aden made it an icon of Karachi.


By the launch of Aden Greens, we vow to uphold the same vision of creating a difference in living standard but this time, with a remarkable additional value for your money. So come to learn and see how Aden Greens (Phase-1) empowers you with a unique set of plot ownership options unraveled by any other project in the vicinity, because its not about discounts or gifts, it’s a True Housing Relief for the people of Pakistan.


Aden Greens (Phase-1) Features


A mosque is a place of worship for followers of Islam. The mosque serves as a place where Muslims can come together for salat (prayer) as well as a center for information, education, and dispute settlement. To fullfill the pledge of offering five prayer on time, a mosque is included in our project..


A school is an institution designed to allow and encourage students to learn, under the supervision of teachers. We are committed to provide education in a caring and enlightened environment for new generation.

img-marketCommercial Area

A Commerical area offering truly modern ambience and amenities to satisfy your shopping needs is the hallmark of Aden Greens.e Centralized Security System Man is born free & it is his right to enjoy freedom, to cater this right of humankind we have a fully centralized security system in Aden Greens.

img-secCentralized Security System

Security has to be compared and contrasted with other related concepts: Safety, continuity, reliability. Man is born free & it is his right to enjoy freedom, to cater this right of humankind we have a fully centralized security system in Aden Greens.

img-parkParks & Playgrounds

A park is a protected area, in its natural or semi-natural state or planted, and set aside for human recreation and enjoyment. Naturaly carved to soothe your lifestyle, lush green areas are on our main canvases.

img-fallWaterfalls & Lakes

A waterfall is a place where flowing water rapidly drops in elevation as it flows over a steep region or a cliff. A classic waterfall adds to the artistic charm of Aden Greens. Pleasant lake with greener outlines is an ideal place to nourish your flavor to nature.


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Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency sets July 1, 2009

Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency sets July 1, 2009 as deadline for registration of property developers.

Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency (ARRA) has set July 1, 2009 as the deadline for property developers who have not completed the registration procedures with ARRA. It is not enough that a developer submits part of the required documents to ARRA to be a licensed real estate developer. The Amiri decree, as amended, was very clear in this regard, therefore, all property developers who have not completed all the procedures or failed to provide the documents needed for practicing the activity of real estate development in Ajman are advised to take immediate action otherwise, a fine of Dh100,000 per month will be applied against offenders.” Read the rest of this entry »

Mandelson calls for closer links between UK and UAE businesses

Dubai: British business must remain a close commercial ally with Dubai and be an active partner in the emirate’s recovery from the current economic slowdown, Peter Mandelson, British Secretary of State for Business said on Wednesday evening.

Speaking at the British Business Group’s welcome dinner in the Raffles hotel, Mandelson stressed that, despite the UK’s strong history of doing business with Dubai, the community must not allow itself to become complacent.

Bad days are over, Al Shaikh says

Dubai: Dubai has begun disbursing a $10 billion (Dh36.7 billion) fund it raised to battle the impact of the global credit crisis and its economy is past the worst of the danger, the emirate’s top finance official has said.

“We are talking about big sums here,” Nasser Bin Hassan Al Shaikh, director-general of the Department of Finance, said in an interview. “The bad days are over” for the economy, which is stabilising and will gradually recover.

Economic growth in Dubai slumped after the worst financial crisis since the 1930s hurt its property, financial services and tourism industries. The emirate’s economy may contract between two per cent and four per cent this year, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services said in a report on March 17.

The economy still expanded in the first quarter, Al Shaikh said. In February, Dubai sold $10 billion of five-year bonds to the UAE Central Bank, part of a $20 billion medium-term note programme, to help state-affiliated companies struggling to raise cash. That money will be used to meet payment shortfalls and repay loans, the government said on February 25.

“Most of the support will be offered to the property companies since they are the pillars of Dubai’s economy,” Al Shaikh said. The Department of Finance will announce an overall figure for funds paid out and approved for disbursal “very soon” but not the companies that have received help, he added. Read the rest of this entry »

HSBC Middle East to re-enter UAE property finance market

HSBC Middle East, Midde East division of the leading international bank, is to re-enter the UAE mortgage market as it has confirmed easing of its proeprty finance rules. Read the rest of this entry »

Al Baraka Banking Group to launch biggest Islamic bank in the world

Al Baraka Banking Group, leading Bahrain-based Islamic bank, is planning an alliance to launch the world’s biggest Islamic bank with an initial public offering of $3 billion through a number of initial public offerings and private stock options before the end of this year.

Adnan Youssef, CEO, Al Baraka Banking Group & Chairman, Union of Arab Banks, said, “We have already completed the necessary research for launching the Islamic bank and there are currently discussions between Sheikh Saleh Kamel, Chairman, Al Baraka Banking Group and investors to prepare for the public offering. Under the current economic climate, Sheikh Saleh Kamel did not withdraw or pull back but on the contrary, he is accelerating the finalization process. The Islamic banking industry needs this investment at such times”.

He said that in coming year, he expects that several banks will follow the Islamic banking model due to the growth achieved by these banks.